Connecting Businesses with Experienced Professionals

Auxxilia provides tailored solutions to businesses seeking high quality but cost effective professional and other business services.

We do this by connecting businesses to our carefully selected network of highly experienced firms and individual practitioners.

All Auxxilia members are are experts in their fields drawn from our collective long-term relationship networks. Through this, our professionals have been validated for quality, experience and relevance.

Auxxilia works with businesses of every shape, size and stage of development to identify the most appropriate professional and other business service providers for the enterprise concerned, taking account of their specific requirements, preferences and other relevant circumstances.

Auxxilia creates appropriate and high value solutions, drawing upon the decades of hands on experience and expertise of its founders and its members.

About Us

Auxxilia supports businesses by providing access to best in class but cost effective and appropriate services, and through this enables them to optimise efficiency, reduce their costs and drive success.

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Auxxilia can arrange the provision of an extensive range of professional and business resources for virtually every kind and size of business, across practically all sectors and all geographies.

Whether this is legal advice, accounting support, business or IT transformation management, financial modelling, marketing, strategy consulting, fundraising support or virtually any other service, Auxxilia has the relationship network, experience and insight to steer a business to a service provider appropriate for them. This can be as an interim measure, for a specific project or as a permanent solution.

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Auxxilia can provide financial support to start up, early stage and growth stage businesses which have cash flow limitations but nonetheless require certain critical services, support and assistance in order to develop their operations, progress and grow.

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Our Founders

Jonathan Martin

Jonathan is a lawyer, entrepreneur, investor and business principal, with interests in a number of ventures.

Linda Beal

Linda is a chartered accountant, business principal, business adviser, and non-executive director.