About Us

Auxxilia supports businesses by providing access to best in class but cost effective and appropriate services, and through this enables them to optimise efficiency and drive success.

Auxxilia enhances the reach, access and business efficiencies of all those involved with our organisation.

What we do

Auxxilia was formed to seek to address some of the challenges faced by businesses in identifying and procuring best in class advisory and other services, but doing so at pricing levels which are appropriate and acceptable to the business concerned.

The cost of such services has escalated in recent years, while value for money and efficiency have often moved entirely in the opposite direction. In addition to this, the choices available for sourcing such services have become quite bewildering.

Why we do it

The challenges are increasing as outsourcing becomes more prevalent, with an array of Internet-based, non-validated service providers creating a confusing environment for businesses simply wishing to find the best provider for the job at hand.

This is where Auxxilia is able to provide a unique solution. The Company’s founders and principals have over 60 years experience between them in the world of global professional services, working with businesses of all kinds, across all sectors, and across all geographies.

How we do it

Auxxilia works with businesses of every shape, size and stage of development to identify the most appropriate professional and other business service providers for the enterprise concerned.

Whether this is legal advice, accounting support, writing a business plan, financial modelling, marketing, strategy consulting, fundraising support or virtually any other service, Auxxilia has the relationship network, experience and insight to steer a business to a service provider appropriate for them.

This might be regarded as a “match making” service – and it is. Auxxilia has built a network of highest quality professional and other business service providers which it draws upon to meet the needs of businesses seeking the Company’s support.

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Our team

Jonathan Martin

Jonathan is a lawyer, entrepreneur and business principal, with interests in a number of ventures.

Jonathan formerly practised as a transactions lawyer, in London and globally, most recently as a partner in Holman Fenwick Willan, a leading international law firm with particular expertise in shipping, energy, commodities, and infrastructure.

Prior to this, he was a partner in a number of other leading international law firms, including Canadian firm Fasken Martineau and US firm King & Spalding. Jonathan’s practice focused on advising clients on cross border transactions and projects across a wide range of jurisdictions, in particular in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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Linda Beal

Linda is a chartered accountant, business adviser, and non-executive director.

Linda was formerly a partner at PwC and one of its legacy firms for 16 years and at Grant Thornton for 2 years.

Linda has over 30 years professional services experience advising international clients including FTSE 100, mid cap and private companies operating in many sectors.

Linda qualified as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse and spent over 30 years in the profession, the majority of that time at PwC and its legacy firms and then 2 years at Grant Thornton.

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