Auxxilia can provide financial support to start up, early stage and growth stage businesses which have cash flow limitations but nonetheless require certain critical services in order to progress and grow.

Such businesses may have requirements for services of various kinds, from accounting and legal support to filing intellectual property rights.

Auxxilia is flexible in terms of the manner in which funding support can be provided but typically this would involve Auxxilia providing the funding for specific services identified as required by the business concerned. A business which receives such funding would effectively have these critical services paid for by Auxxilia.

The structure of such funding arrangements would be determined on a case by case basis but may involve contributions by way of debt, equity, assistance with grant funding or a combination of these.

A business which receives this support would also have the benefit of the mentoring and network resources of Auxxilia, drawing upon the decades of experience and expertise of the Company’s principals as well as the broader network of participants in the Auxxilia arrangements.

If you are a startup, an early stage business or a growth stage business, and would like to learn more about the financial and other support Auxxilia can provide, please contact the Company on, or either of the principals as shown in Contact.